By Katherine Berry
Build financial identity and literacy
Guap Coin was created by an African-American woman to address economic and financial
inequalities for Black people across the globe. Overall, the financial identities of our people
have been overshadowed by the wealthy. We spend trillions of dollars each year, yet the
wealth in our communities is well below that of our counterparts.
As the economic market
changes to incorporate digital currency, Guap allows us to have a prime seat at the table as
early adopters. Through Guap sponsored instructional programs, Black consumers & vendors
will be educated on economic principles and how they relate in this new technological arena.
With this newfound knowledge, our people are able to make better financial decisions and
use our spending power to increase wealth within our communities.
True economic freedom and advancements for underprivileged communities
According to the Quora website, economic freedom is the “exchange [of] goods, money or
services with anyone or any group as long as the exchange is voluntary and informed.”
The adoption of Guap coin as the primary choice of currency by vendors and consumers in
Black communities around the world will allow us to emphasize the fundamental principles
of supply and demand.
By acquiring and maximizing the use of Guap Coin, we can build our
economies and use our gains to uplift our disenfranchised communities. As a decentralized
currency, Guap Coin
is driven by the people. It’s not controlled by big agencies that may
secretly upcharge consumers or block entrepreneurs from opening businesses through unfair
and culturally biased regulations. We are in control of our spending power. Now is the time
to support one another by buying Black whenever possible and
only patronizing businesses
that are in alignment promoting financial growth within our communities.
It’s time for Black
economies to thrive and we can do so by choosing Guap.
Create and maintain generational wealth
The value given to currency is solely based on the measurement placed on it by society. As
consumers continue to make purchases with Guap, more companies will welcome it as a
form of payment, thus increasing its value over time.
Black people’s
annual buying power
amounts to trillions
, yet our communities are not benefitting at the levels they should and we
are still not given the opportunities afforded our counterparts. Historically, communities of
color were excluded from being early investors and adopters of concepts that had a huge
potential for growth. Digital currency is the future and adopting Guap coin into our lives
now is a chance to create wealth, maintain it, and invest in ourselves and our societies. It’s a
never-ending financial structure where Guap is acquired, spent and then given back to the
community to build on the legacy and make it even more lucrative for future generations.