Guapcoin v2.3.1 is a major update for all users. It is not mandatory, but we highly encourage users to update. The upgrade is simple and requires desktop wallet users to delete the blockchain and chainstate folders from the Guapcoin application directory.

If you are running Masternode v2.3.0.1 pre-release, you are encouraged to update, v2.3.1 provides a new list of updated peers.

Release notes
This Release fixes major application crashing issues within the desktop wallets. The update also adds improved widgets, transaction validation, double-check verifications, replaces expired package dependencies, while adding an auto complete command feature to the RPC console. A new list of peers is also included.

The current Bootstrap block height is 815519

Upgrade instructions
– Shutdown your previous Windows/Mac/Linux Guap desktop application completely.
– Locate the Guapcoin application folder and create a backup copy of the wallet.dat and store it in a separate folder for safety.
– Please download latest (
– From the Guapcoin app folder, delete the blocks & chainstate folders and extract the contents of the to the Guapcoin folder.
– Launch the v2.3.1 desktop wallet/daemon.
– Note: Windows64 users can run only the installer located at ( and the software will complete the process.

A warning about downgrading

– The chainstate database for this release may not be 100 percent compatible with previous releases, so if you run v2.3.1 and then decide to switch back to any older version, you will be required to run the old release with the -reindex option to rebuild the chainstate data structures to the previous format.

System Compatibility
Guap Coin v2.3.1 was extensively tested and evaluated on multiple operating systems using the Linux kernel, MacOS 10.10+, Windows 10, and Ubuntu 18.04-20.04.

The Masternode v2.3.1 installer and update is the most stable of all releases. So if you are running any Masternode version lower than 2.3.1, we highly suggest you upgrade.

Guapcoin version v2.3.1 is now available from:

Masternode v2.3.1 is available here–>
Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:

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