Minor bug fixes for cold staking


Mandatory Update v2.0

  • POW algorithm QUARK
  • Prefix: All GUAP addresses start with “G”
  • Ports: RPC Port : 9634, P2P Port : 9633
  • EOL of the old node versions: April 28, 2020


Update Version 2.0

Guap Coin Core v2.0 is a mandatory update for all users. This release contains new consensus rules and improvements that are not backwards compatible with older versions. All users will need to update their clients before enforcement of this update goes into effect.

Update enforcement is currently scheduled to go into effect:

Upgrade instructions:

Shutdown your old pc/mac/linux wallet completely.

  • For windows users – run the installer.
  • For Mac users copy the dmg to your Applications folder (copying over your current Guap Coin application).
  • For Linux users copy over guapcoind/guapcoin-qt. If you have installed your data directory to a custom location select existing data directory during your installation.

Users updating from a previous version will require a full resync of their local blockchain from either the P2P network or by way of the bootstrap so when you start wallet it ask for resync. This resync is a one-time event.

New Wallet UI

V2.0.0 introduces a completely new GUI for the wallet, Inspired by PIVX new UI wallet.
This new UI, aside from the overall design large implementation, includes user-focused improvements and features such as a brief introduction on first load, a FAQ section, one-click QRCode compatible receiving addresses, masternode creation wizard, dark and light themes, filterable staking charts, and much more.

Cold Staking

A brand new feature is being introduced with the release of v2.0.0: Cold Staking!
This feature allows a coin owner to keep coins in a “cold” (or locked) wallet whilst a “hot” wallet carries out the burden of staking those coins.
A brief guide to setup cold staking with GUI and RPC is available on wiki.

Version 2 Stake Modifier

A new 256-bit modifier for the proof of stake protocol has been defined, CBlockIndex::nStakeModifierV2.

It is computed at every block, by taking the hash of the modifier of previous block along with the coinstake input.
To meet the protocol, the PoS kernel must comprise the modifier of the previous block.
Changeover enforcement of this new modifier is set to occur at block 400000.

Time Protocol v2

introduces a new time protocol for the Proof-Of-Stake consensus mechanism, to ensure better efficiency, fairness and security. The time is now divided in 15-seconds slots and valid blocktimes are at the beginning of each slot (i.e. the block timestamp’s seconds can only be 00, or 15, or 30 or 45).

New Network Message Signatures

Layer 2 network messages (MN, Spork, etc) are now signed based on the hash of their binary content instead of their string representation