GUAP began as a next level initiative to infuse the “buy black” movement with blockchain technology to incentivize the Black community to invest in itself. It has since expanded to make a GLOBAL impact on marginalized, unbanked, and other “disadvantaged” communities throughout the planet. GUAP Coin is empowering people with the tools to have greater autonomy over their money.

How can GUAP combat poverty in the Black and other “minority” communities and become a wealth generating tool?

By funding, supporting, and circulating among its own merchant network it will encourage consumers to support community businesses. Our network of businesses will accept Guap for items and services. Customers who make purchases via merchant websites or offline in brick and mortar stores will be able to use Guap using our GUAP Pay card or mobile wallet. Guap will be the cryptocurrency sparks mass adoption by supporting the real live use case of cryptocurrency – which is spending.

Why another “altcoin”?

Our core mission is highlight the buying power of the black and brown community and the social impact we make on economies globally. Our secondary mission is to protect our legacies from being stripped away by associating it with a financial economy started by black and brown people.